Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday 27th Feb

One ought to get to weekday Mass a bit more often in Lent....and I'm obviously not the only local person who feels this, because when I arrived this morning the church was almost full. I propped up my bike as usual precariously against the wall but won't have to do this much longer......We had a v. impressive new parish centre built recently, with a (rather good) bookshop and a big meeting-hall etc....today workmen were busy on a crucial addition: a proper place for parking bicycles alongside the church. There have been some bike-slots there for years and years, but they were all overgrown and also blocked off by a low wall which had evidently been put there some years after they were created. A proper place to park will be a boon.

John Pridmore is speaking at the parish mission this Friday. He's a former East End gangster - I've heard him speak before and he is well worth hearing.


Idly tapping in "Pope Catholic" to the Internet to check on a current news story, I found that the second item listed was about the return of Pope John Paul....yes, that's right. A loopy group which thinks that the End Is Nigh has decided that he's the Antichrist and will be Coming Back Shortly, and to prove it here's a picture of him with some Muslims showing that he aims to be ruler of all religions...and here's a map of Rome showing there are Seven Hills and that all Fits In with the Bible because...um...er....whore of Babylon and all that, and serpents, and things.....oh, and the Lateran Treaty came into it somewhere, and the hugeness of the Papal funeral in April '05 which was the biggest such event the world has ever seen.

This sort of thing is also sometimes quoted by daft Catholics-who've-lost-the-plot and who are into things like the Coming Great Chastisement and the Pope Isn't Really the True Pope and so on and so on and so on....(I was sent literature about this throughout the 1980s, predicting something Awful would happen in 1991....make that 1997....no, um, 2000....). And do you remember the people who for years had a thing going about the Real Pope Paul VI being locked in a Vatican dungeon while a pretend one presided at St Peter's, and you could tell because of his plastic ears?

One should stop wasting time and get on with work.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find this as easily as you did, but, on Google, I did come across both Protestant groups and Catholic Traditionalists saying that John Paul II is the Anti-Christ.

Sort of illustrates what I've always thought, viz., Catholic radical Traditionalists and Protestants have lots in common because they both set up their own authorities against the Pope.

Mulier Fortis said...

No, no, no, Joanna... the world ends in 1998...

(yes, the "end-of-the-world-is-nigh" brigade got that one wrong too...)

Anonymous said...

My favourite question to Jehovah's Witnesses is whether they still think the world will end before the generation that fought in the 1914-1918 war has passed away.

One of their dates for the end times was 1914, and a partial hit, so they've been trying to work their calculations around it ever since.

At last count I think there were 7 WWI veterans still alive. So they are not proved wrong, yet.

Amette said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog every day. I often try to post a comment, but the computer has a Mind of its Own and will not always co-operate. I think I have fooled it this evening....

Anonymous said...

Not all protestants are against the Pope.
A good deal of protestants are very appreciative that the Catholic Church continues to take a stand against abortion and homosexuality among other issues where some of the more liberal protestant denominations will except anything in the name of "loving people"
Now it is the Jesus' family tomb they have discovered just in time to shake peoples faith in time for Easter.
We really should join together on the core issues that we do agree on and fight for what is left of the truth in stead of slinging mud and feeling self righeous for what GOD has done FOR us!

Anonymous said...

One of our Priest friends told us not to renew our Passports in 1995, & as the year 2000 approached reached fever pitch, re coming chastisements, & marian (unproved) apparitions..glad to be out of all that!