Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Feb 5th

A very jolly weekend with two parties - an engagement party on Saturday evening in London (lots of pleasant young people, pink champagne, agreeable chats about wedding plans, long talks with older friends) and then a birthday party in Oxfordshire on Sunday (leisurely traditional lunch, pink champagne, log fire, tea with home-made cake).

The Sunday party was preceded by attendance with our host and hostess at their local (Anglican) church. Some v. agreeable hearty hymn-singing of some of Charles Wesley's best. A goodish number of young families. At one point, introducing prayers, there was supportive mention of stand taken by Catholic bishops on adoption policy. Simple - extremely simple, almost austere except for a pleasing anthem - Communion service. (I have a dislike of fussy liturgy). Glorious church, with Norman tower and lovely Lady chapel with newly-restored statue.

OH, and before anyone gets worried and starts writing cross comments to this Blog..., no we didn't take part in Communion, and yes, I know it wasn't a Mass, and obviously I went to Mass earlier and am perfectly aware of all the issues involved..........


Anonymous said...

What is a 'traditional lunch'? A roast?

Anonymous said...

A traditional British lunch is watery soup made from yesterday's left-over vegetables, seasoned with salt and an Oxo cube, and a stale bread roll. This is followed by an over-cooked joint, burnt roast potatoes and over-cooked cabbage turned yellow, with gravy made up from a packet. This is followed by sour apple pie, laced with core and pips, with leaden pastry and lumpen custard, also from a packet, served with a thick skin on top. Just like Mother makes it. All courses are accompanied by a tumbler of tap water. A younger generation lives on burgers and chips, richly garnished by tomatoe sauce from plastic sachets, bought from MacDonalds and similar fast food takeaways. It forms part of our unique relationship with America and soon both nations will be as fat and ugly as each other.