Saturday, February 03, 2007


Every year, about this time of year, an old friend of my dear father drives over to take Mother and me out to lunch. We catch up on news, enjoy a pleasant meal, and talk of my father, of whom all memories are such good and happy ones.

Afterwards I went back to Mother's to put down some new carpet.This involved a good deal of measuring and cutting, and afterwards we both felt very pleased with ourselves. Then we had a game of Scrabble, and she beat me by a narrow margin, thanks to a brilliant use of a "z" on a double-word score. Then we both admired the carpet a bit more, had tea, and I cycled off to Brompton Oratory for Candlemas.

Glowing candles, heavenly music, and the largness of that magnificent church - all a perfect way to round off the Christmas season. Afterwards, having padlocked my bike securely inside the Oratory gates, I enjoyed a pleasant supper with Margaret from Aid to the Church in Need, and Magdalena from the Portugese office of the charity, whom I had so signally failed to meet earlier this week (see Wednesday's blog).

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