Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wed Feb 28th

Typing this quickly over a cup of coffee before hurrying off on my bike to the to speak to a Wives Fellowship in Notting Hill. I'm waiting till the rain eases off a bit before I go. I'll be talking about my Book of Feasts and Seasons (takes you through the year with things to make, do, eat and on the link to find out more about this and my other books, or send a Comment to this blog to order a copy....or check it out on AMAZON.....)

Wives Fellowship=ecumenical gathering of ladies, affiliated in some sort of loose federation to a national group which affirms some simple Christian principles. In my experience, they are invariably extremely pleasant and nice, and v. welcoming, nice lunch, real coffee, etc. Perhaps they are not exactly part of the Church Militant....I mean, one wouldn't find them planning street evangelism or standing outside Parliament with torches praying about the latest new horrible piece of legislation.....but not everyone's ready for that....

I am reading a v. depressing book at the moment about the future of Europe. Small numbers of children being born, massive collapse of church attendance and consequently of sense of spiritual and cultural identity, rise of militant Islam. The first of these three is irrevocable: if the children aren't there, then the nation doesn't exist. Just labelling a stretch of land "Holland" or "Italy" doesn't make it Dutch or Italian unless there are Dutch or Italian people there.

What a lot of people seem to be reading is blogs....including mine. I looked on the meter thingummy and there have been over 25,000 hits since it began. I suspect that it's a fairly small team of people who read the thing every day....well, it's v. kind of them and I hope all enjoy it.....but I'm beginning to get pangs of guilt about encouraging people to sit at computers and switch gleefully from blog to blog when they could be doing something interesting.

Note to the nice lady who wants me to add her to my blogroll: I want to do this very much, but haven't the technical know-how at present!! Wait till I get a chance to be instructed by some one who can help....

Off to get my bike. I keep it padlocked in the back garden, which means trundling down the muddy lane at the back. But the rain has eased and everything looks fresh. It will be a good day.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty. I enjoy reading your comments, partly because they are informative and entertaining, but more importantly because it is an opportunity to communicate with a Catholic, someone with a similar world view. Keep up the good work.


Mulier Fortis said...

But Joanna, switching gleefully from blog to blog is doing something interesting!!

Anonymous said...

My work is completely computer-based so I'm at the computer all the time anyway.
Whenever I am a little bored I have a few sites I check, of which your blog is one. So you probably get five or six hits a day from me.

Malcolm McLean

Anonymous said...

25,000 hits! Wow, i think i'm on 130!

Me, i'm intrigued by the must be fit. I have a new bicycle but have to keep driving our 17 seater minibus everywhere ( although we don't have 17 children!). The logistics of getting small & dare i mention them 'teenagers' to walk to school are too much, most days. The summer is easier & they're inclined to be happy to walk then.

Do you put the bike on the train? & how do you cope with london traffic..i panic here in Birmingham..

God bless

serbialives admin said...

Im guessing you're reading 'Death of the West' by Patrick Buchanan?
Just finished it myself, can't recommend it enough.