Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Feb 15th


Last night Jamie came home v. tired after the conclusion of a difficult case (he's a lawyer). We watched a "Jeeves and Wooster" DVD.....we were given a set of these for a Silver Wedding present last year. We had a late supper on a tray, and chocolates, and enjoyed it all hugely.


I am preparing a Lent and Easter series for EWTN (Catholic TV network) to be broadcast in 2008. The idea is celebrating the traditional seasons of the year at home - filmed in the kitchen. I started glibly to write about making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and tossing them three times in honour of the Trinity....this could look awfully messy on TV. Pancakes are actually not that easy - tho' of course the recipe itself is simple - and the first one is usually a bit of a disaster, things get easier as you get the pan hot enough. I'll also be doing Lenten food ("Nasty Meals for Lent, with Auntie Joanna" - doesn't sound very appetising, does it?) and special things re St David, St Patrick, St Joseph etc. Have also been researching about Maundy Thursday - of course the origins of the Royal Maundy in Britain are well known, but I'd love to know more about how the thing has developed in other countries, incl. those with a more consistent Catholic tradition....


We are off to Rome for a conference in March and yesterday, in the intervals of working on various feature articles, I spent time booking the flight and arranging accomodation. The Internet makes everything sooooo much easier. And to put myself in the mood, I watched the dear Holy Father at the Wednesday audience ("Television Catholique" - just look for it on Google. Much recommended). He said a lot of very interesting things about women in the New Testament and in the early Church - noting that (as a priest once pointed out to me) women stayed with Our Lord at the foot of the Cross when the Apostles just couldn't cope. Golly, it makes one wonder....would one have had the courage to do that? Temptation just to run away from something so ghastly....imagine.


Rich Leonardi said...

Which production of Jeeves & Wooster? PBS in the States occasionally runs episodes from a series made sixteen years ago starring Hugh Laurie of the Fox network's House television show.

Anonymous said...

I have watched one DVD of the Hugh Laurie Stephen Fry series and it was a hoot.

Micki said...

Found your site surfing around...I'm a relatively new blogger...showcasing my holy card collection.
I see you have a lot for me to read and catch up with. I'll be back.
I read about your trip to Rome next Month. We are doing our first trip there in May. I'm sure we are all aware of the best things to see but I hope you post or email me the good place to EAT.
Until that great banquet in the sky I am always looking for good food here on earth :-)