Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thursday Feb 15th


Superb talk at the Catholic Cultural Group about Helen Asquith, teacher and convert to the Catholic Faith, daughter of Raymond Asquith, son of the Prime Minister, killed in the First World War.

Speaker was Emily Keyte, herself a young teacher, in a beautifully presented talk which wove extracts from Helen's letters into a well-rounded description of a journey in faith. The room was packed, people on chairs, the wide cushioned window-seats, the floor, a fascinating discussion/question session followed the talk, we had delicious snacks served by the young family who were our hosts (enchanting children handing round cheese straws and hot sausages)......a wonderful evening. The CCG brings together a good mix of people. I met a couple of young Catholic bloggers (blogging is definitely an activity mostly pursued - at least among Catholics - by people considerably younger than me, something which is reflected in the technical aspects of most Catholic blogs which are generally superb....I'm afraid mine has a distinctly Auntie-is-not-very-up-to-date feel about it, but I have been promised help on this by young enthusiasts, so watch for improvements!).

Afterwards I cycled a good part of the way home - a pleasant night and I enjoyed the chance to think over the talk as I spun through Hammersmith and Kensington and eventually put the bike on a tube to head out to the suburbs....

Checking emails, enjoyed this link, sent to me by a friend.

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