Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Jan 8th 2007


With thick snow, gradually turning to slush, limiting travel, my lunch-appointment in London was cancelled so I have had a day at the computer, interrupted only by slushy trips to the Post Office and shops.

There are some excellent Catholic blogs around. Try this one, from Kevin Tierney, an American writer. And also the excellent Against the Grain which is part of the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club. Both these blogs have been courageous in tackling the question of esoteric, but nominally Catholic, columnists or bloggers who are actually very anti-Jewish and write horrible things about the Jewish people. This seems to be an American problem - I haven't sensed anything of this sort here - but ever since I got a nasty email from a (Catholic) campaigner denouncing the Holy Father for visiting a synagogue, I have been uncomfortably aware that this is something that needs to be tackled.

While I enjoy reading blogs, especially those which read like a good, crunchy, well-argued piece of journalism rather than a ramble around some one's muddled opinions, what is really satisfying about a sudden free day is the amount of work that can be done. Several feature articles written and sent off, and a number of letters and mundane jobs sorted out. When I've finished this blog entry, I shall increase my sense of wellbeing by doing some hoovering.

This weekend we are off to see a dear niece currently studying in a great university city.


Anonymous said...

Joanna - not a criticism, but why is it that just because we've had some snow, plans get changed, travel ceases and the weather hits the News. As a Northerner, we're used to snow (though less so these days) but it only hits the News when the South East gets a bit of a covering. Blair's Britain!

Fr Longenecker said...

Dear Joanna, your American friends will not know what 'hoovering' is. They wonder what you are doing with a dead American president.

Anonymous said...

This American knows hoovering, but I am having problems reaching Kevin Tierney's blog; the link does not seem to work.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the good Fr. L, we do know. In America, it's called vacuuming.

(Cute play on words though, Fr. L. :)