Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Feb 1st


In the post today, A Cairn of Small Stones, by John Watts (available from Mungo books 0141 552 5523), a beautifully-written and delightful story about a Scottish Catholic family at the time of the Jacobite Rising in 1745. Any enthusiast for Bonnie Prince Charlie will love this book. It's a compelling read, with charming detail, written by some one who knows and loves the Highlands. It is without affectation or unneccessary "twee" bits of bogus Highland-isms, just a first-rate tale, well told, which takes us right into the lives and beliefs of Catholics living and honouring their Faith in difficult times two and a half centuries ago. Buy it and enjoy it.

I know the author - he is one of our wonderful team of diocesan workers for Aid to the Church in Need, who go to parishes to talk about the needs of Catholics worldwide who are being persecuted for their Faith or are oppressed by poverty and war.

The book's cover has a lovely illustration of craggy mountains and the book is pleasing to handle, a paperback but of hardback quality. I do most warmly recommend it.


all ye holy saints - Ora pro nobis said...

This book, along with the several other books that Dr Watts has written are indeed a very good read. John is at the moment working on a book that I have asked him to compile on the history of the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Addiewell, where he and his family live. This too should be a good read. I can strongly recommend his other books based on Catholicism in Scotland.
But then I am biased, since I am his Parish Priest and he is the vice chair of my PPC and his wife is the secretary!

John Paul said...

Fr Kevin how come you get all the good parishoners and most of the worst too?

I got offered a copy of that book when I was in St Mungos not long ago and turned it down. I know I know, what a fool. However had a glimpse through it and I can reccomend it. Just need to get myself a copy now.