Sunday, April 25, 2010

A new baby... our family. Rushed to young relatives Edmund and Fiorella to share in the joy at the arrival of

, born 24th April 2010

a brother for Hugh and Francesca.

A darling baby,warm against my heart as I cuddled him. The dear faces of a joyful young couple as they start this next exciting chapter of their family story. A house teeming with busyness and love, a fish-and-chip supper, cheerful grandparents arriving with hugs and with food and practical gifts and immediate quiet competence, great flurries of activity and much whooping and laughter combined with swapping of news and sudden tiredness and gratitude for togetherness. Joy, joy...


Mater mari said...

Congratulations! I have been praying the novena to St Gerard ever since Fiorella announced her pregnancy on Monstrous Regiment of Women and it's so good to hear of such a happy outcome.

Dawn said...

And a warm welcome to Nicholas!

pattif said...

Congratulations to Edmund and Fiorella, and welcome to Nicholas.