Saturday, April 10, 2010

More attacks on Pope Benedict ...

...and the ability of the authorities in Rome to respond seems limited. I think there's a hope that it will all go away. It won't. It is necessary to take action, and to be seen to be open and responsive to what is going on.

Nor is it wise for those on the wider scene who are trying to support Pope Benedict to attempt the ploy of deflecting the attack to Pope John Paul: the ghastly scandals within the Legionaries of Christ make this an attractive idea especially to people who disliked JPII's style, his rallies, World Youth Day, appeal to the young, etc. There is a feeling among some that now is a good time to play off old scores - they recall wincing at crowd scenes where Pope John Paul beat time to music along with teenagers, and they now sense a gleeful opportunity to tarnish his memory by emphasising that he liked and trusted the Legionaries, whose founder turns out to be an evil-doer and a fraud.

This is no time for such politics: the issue is not JPII's liturgical style, or the pleasure of trying to denounce his legacy. (It's also futile: this was a great man who inspired the Church and brought the message of Christ alive for millions).

The issue that is at the heart of all this media frenzy is still that of the evil acts of priests who abused children, and the need for the Church to be seen to be open and heartfelt in ensuring that such deeds will not be covered up. Pope Benedict will have us all with him if he announces a Church-wide act of sorrow and repentance...

It's essential to be well informed, and to get the full information as far as possible.

But make no mistake: among those who are currently pushing the attack on Papa B. are those, both inside and outside the Church, who now genuinely believe they can crush the Church's moral authority and render the voice of the succcessor of St Peter useless for decades to come. There's a shrill glee about this, and there's an evil in it which can only be stopped by prayer...


UKViewer said...


This continues to be a sad story, of media driven witch hunt. Whether politics or revenge driven, where is Christian Love and Charity? Notably absent.

The ability of the Church to respond is limited as it always appears to be on the back foot.

I read a post today prophesying the end of the RC Church in the West within 20 years - while scaremongering - who can say where all of this will take the Church?

Some, new strategy and foresight is needed along with guidance and inspiration from the Holy Spirit to ensure that all victims of abuse are given the appropriate recognition of their suffering and where needed restitution, both financially and through the law when appropriate.

Without this strategy, the Church will continue to be seen as not contrite and as a failed institution, overburdened with secrecy and self protection.

Failing to take action now will aggravate the situation and give more ammunition to detractors and leave the faithful confused and alienated.

Prayer is not enough - action is needed.

Hippolytus said...

Thank you for your "pre-emptive" defence of Venerable Pope John Paul ll. I too have come across a 'brand' of traditionalist who love to see him criticised and have a patronising view of those like me who loved him when alive and welcomed his becoming 'Venerable'.

GOR said...

Well said Joanna - especially as regards Pope John Paul II. As I have harped upon repeatedly, Maciel deceived every Pope all the way back to Pius XII - during whose reign he was first investigated.

As the letter from the Holy Land bishops (which Fr. Blake reproduced) reminds us, while this is not the best of times for the Church, it is not the worst of times either!