Friday, April 16, 2010

And here... an important analysis of that 1985 Cardinal Ratzinger letter too.


Dawn said...

Thanks, Joanna, for the link.

Can't get any context in the MSM for any of this, at least not here in the USA. Media here is has developed something of a news equivalent of fast food joints like McDonalds.

Drive-thru speed. Very unsatisfying junk food. But it IS fast, even for garbage


Tzippy said...

It is so sad that the church is under attack. It would not matter what they would be able to latch onto, it is the atmosphere of the world now to destroy all decent religious organazations. I am not catholic, but I believe in God and am terrified at what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I think Marcial Marciel's followers are taking their revenge on the Pope. Who knows when it's all going to end..

Dawn said...

Not sure anyone here may be interested in this, but I thought I would post a link just in case.

It's about the lawyer who is defending the Holy See here in the USA.