Friday, April 23, 2010

A Meeting...

...of the committee of the Association of Catholic Women. Much discussion of current issues...state of the Church in Ireland (problems of too close connection between Irish Church and State throughout much of 20th century, clericalism, etc), current attacks on the Pope, ghastly new appointment at the Catholic Education Service...this last is absolutely weird, and prompts questions of a most serious kind.

What possible reason can there be to appoint, to an official Catholic position, some one as a public official has consistently opposed Catholic teaching on every possible occasion? This new Deputy Director of the CES is a former Member of Parliament with a consistent record of supporting the work of the pro-abortion International Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Association and Marie Stopes International. He is now going to earn some £60,000 a year as an official of the body in charge of Catholic schools in England and Wales.

The Catholic Education Service proved its ineptitude in a quite dramatic way recently by failing to stand up for the rights of Catholics in the Govt's horrible plans for compulsory sex education. Thanks to the courageous campaigning of other groups, and despite the efforts of the CES to shore things up, the Government's legislation was eventually abandonerd, leaving the Catholic Education Service looking extremely stupid. Cue for a major re-think: opportunity to disband the CES and reorganise. But no - instead, a supporter of this discredited Government and an enthusiastic campaigner for National Condom Week is appointed as CES Deputy Director.

You couldn't make it up...


Patricius said...

This appointment beggars belief. The man is clearly a renegade and yet the bishops are happy to appoint him?

UKViewer said...

As an Anglican, I am also pro-life and abhor the murder of innocent babies which to our shame is permitted by the law of the land.

How in good sense could a proven anti-life, failed Labour politician been appointed to such a post - given the RC position on Abortion, Contraception etc.

As for a Bishop to approve of it - is beyond belief?

I do not know much about the political agenda of the Catholic Education Service, but it seems at odds with the RC position - perhaps it is time it was consigned to history and something more representative put in its place.