Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Jesuit... in Wimbledon is having its floor relaid (over 100 years of use) so Masses have been transferred to the church hall, which has been transformed into a temporary church. They took a photograph of the (gothic arched) sanctuary, enlarged it to giant size and placed it to create a sanctuary in the hall, ditto with some pictures of the side-aisles, and all this, combined with clever use of curtains, has created a sort of church-atmosphere in which to house the altar and Tabernacle. The result is quite successful, and although the rows of chairs in the main part of the hall give a slight feel of a USA-style mega-church, there was a full sung Latin Mass complete with the "Domine, salvam fac.." for the Queen. Afterwards, at a food-sale in the lower hall, I bought a chocolate cake which I'm taking along to a friend this evening. She ought to be flying home to America but is marooned here in London because of the Icelandic ash, so we'll have cake and a DVD ("Lewis", successor to "Morse", recommended).

Jamie took Mother and me out to tea at Wimbledon and this was much appreciated. Blossom on the trees, bright sunshine, children running about, and Mother was delighted by the gardens at Cannizaro House.

There are good voices now telling the truth and defending the Holy Father against these vile attacks. Try here for instance. And the news reports about the trip to Malta are of interest. But there's something weird with The Times website: attempts to send in Comments seem to meet with resistance. What's going on?


UKViewer said...


The Times agenda is straight forward anti-Pope, therefore, you can't expect any different from them.

They are also preparing to go pay-per-view and trying to entice existing subscribers to pay for content. I have declined, as they have burnt their boats with me.

Anonymous said...

Ta for the mention Auntie Johanna!I've had another couple of goes but no luck. I've also challenged those on Dawkin's site to have a go at posting the link; don't know if anyone's taken it up yet, but at least they know about it and it might embarrass the Times into changing its posting policy..

Dawn said...

Oh, chocolate cake! What a wonderful way to end a Sabbath day. :)

I can visualize the "USA-mega-church-style" set up of the chairs you mention. Been in one. It was a tad bit difficult for me to feel I was in a place of worship.
Sister-Catholic parish in my town also has the chair set-up, so no kneeling. Again, it's took a bit of time (and was a challenge) to find my "worship" state of soul.

Im glad my parish has pews w/kneelers.