Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At Brompton Oratory...

...or, strictly speaking, at the Oratory House which adjoins the church, a meeting of the Board of the British section of Aid to the Church in Need. Much to discuss... projects, events, meetings - BTW, why not join us on the Pilgrimage to Walsingham?

Now, this Papal visit. Talking to the other people on the ACN Board, I realised how little we really all know about the plans. I mean, how do ordinary Catholics get to see the Pope? Airport arrival? Scottish Mass? London events? Beatification of John Henry Newman? How do people get to these events - how restricted will they be? When Pope John Paul came, back in 1982, there were coaches from parishes in the South of England to Gatwick airport - as I recall, in the parish where I was living at the time we gathered at about 3 am and arrived at the airport with hours to spare, which were spent singing and praying and it was all rather convivial. I suppose we must assume that this time, with threats from the likes of Hitchens and co (website of the National Secular Society is rallying people to turn up to do some hate-shouting etc), everything will be closely guarded, numbers restricted etc. Well, hmmmm, obviously there's a need for safety and so on, but it's also important that people are allowed to see and greet and cheer our Holy Father!

The Papal Visit website is, perhaps understandably, not at this stage hugely informative on details. But we do need info.


Anonymous said...

Im concerned how im going to organise a trip from my school , the paperwork and payment would have to be sorted out before the end of this term yet i still cant tell the boys the arrangements , i would prefer to take them to the prayer vigil in london rather than the mass

Dawn said...

Been following the development of the Pope and his trip to England/Scotland closely.

I have no answers. But I do believe that a little yeast makes a big difference in a lump of dough.

Every day I pray, I pray for the fruitfulness of His Holiness's visit to England and Scotland.

Dont know the Lord's will. Or His goal in all of this. But I do pray for the strength of the faithful and the Pope's trip. That all will be strengthened.

Dominic Mary said...

Hate Shouting ?

They'll have to shout louder than me; and I rather doubt they can do that . . . so I think that the Catholics will win hands down !

mary farmer said...

looking out for details of the Coventry airport mass. Love to take my family. Hoping to go to spuc conference on the Sat . Can't find any trips organised from North West. Hope details emerge soon.