Friday, April 02, 2010

The next move... for it...will be to attack Pope John Paul. It's already started, and the new lie will be to re-invent him as the big figure who covered up sexual abuse, creating a myth like that of Pius XII and World War II. These things are hard to dislodge once started. The difference with JPII is that he has people within the Church - claiming to be traditionalists - who simply loathe him and will try to help foist this new image on him for all sorts of reasons, while pretending to be helping Papa Benedict.

Don't be fooled.


PJA said...

Oh Lord! I hope not!

Anonymous said...

John Paul II was a great pope but he was taken in by loathsome men like Marcial Marciel, making them untouchable, and it was left to the present Holy Father to deal with them. It is blind-spots like these that tarnish his reputation.

Clare Krishan said...

JPII brought me, an obdurate sinner against purity, back to Church. He's my spiritual (and phenomenological) hero. The communion of persons as mutual gift is a theology meant to resound outside the 'symbol' of the conjugal bond, sadly the scandalous appeal of 'diabol' shines more brightly for those who live in the cave and like their contrasts sharply black and white.

Listening to the radio station favored by the young persons I taught in last year's Confirmation class is sobering: rather than the 'risque' undercurrent to rock'n'roll "romance" of the pop culture of yesteryear, today's youth is stewing in a sordid sesspool, consider the R&B sensation TreySongz latest:
its nothing more than soft porn with a jingle attached, and this is what 6th graders are listening to (if their parents or guardians in loco parentis are oblivious enough to let them: mea culpa, I shall not permit them to pick that station on my car radio again, but am sorta thankful I was exposed so that I cannot claim invincible ignorance as my excuse when I meet my maker at the Pearly Gates, deo gratias Karol Woytyla, our culture needs a therapeutic dose of radiation, the Radiation of Fatherhood)