Saturday, January 27, 2007


I am mildly addicted to keeping up with news of the Holy Father and events in the Church - tap "Catholic Benedict Pope" into Google and find out the latest news from Rome. Also, by tapping "Papa Ratzinger Forum" into Google, one can get all sorts of lovely pix of the H. Father - baptising babies in the Sistine Chapel, and chatting to people in St Peter's Square, and blessing people, and hugging children and meeting all sorts of ambassadors (and their wives, all gratfyingly clad in mantillas) in large marbly rooms in the Vatican. Not sure why I need this - I think it's just vaguely reassuring.

Now that the plumber has completed his ministrations here at home we need to think about the kitchen floor, which needs to be redone and the (rather old) lino-tiles are gently rising from their places and tripping us up as we enter and leave. Big discussion as prospect of new-look kitchen v. pleasing.


elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I am a Pope-addict, too. I am glad that ladies are wearing the mantillas in the presence of the Holy Father. It would be nice, too, if more women could bring themselves to wear head-coverings in the Presence of Our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elena,

The mantilla was something i had contemplated, but decided that one can look a 'bit holier than ..' if you know what i mean. it would also draw attention to ones piety. at the tridentine Mass where more women wear it i think it's more acceptable, but say in a congregation of 3/400 on your own,...i wonder?

God bless,

Mrs Jackie parkes MJ

Anonymous said...

Readers need to be aware that most of the Papa Ratzinger Forum is in Italian though it does have an English speaking section. For the most complete photo gallery (the best on the net) go to the section marked "Foto, Immagine..." and within this are threads dedicated to various periods of Ratzinger's life, including his ordination. Be aware that many of the comments are made by unapologetically exuberant Italians!! Was there ever a priest more photographed?

Anonymous said...

1) mantillas are a source of spiritual vanity, as the wonderful Mrs Parkes implies. I love her interventions. A spiteful face beneath a mantilla is a sight to see, as jangling as the medals sewn onto her missal markers.
2) yes, his name, Clare, was Pope John Paul II.

Anonymous said...

Well thankyou anonymous!

I expect one can be holy & wear a mantilla!

I absolutely agree about Pope John Paul, the great. I am falling over his photographs!He was so wonderful & although i never met him, i feel i knew him personally.

If i remember Cherie Blair wore a mantilla meeting him. That's enough to put me off for a lifetime!

God bless,

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

Anonymous said...

Mrs Parkes, I didn't mean you when I referred to spiteful faces under mantillas, your face is anything but spiteful. But I suspect you know the type I mean. Yes, Cherie has done more to eliminate the wearing of mantillas than any woman alive so I don't expect Joanna will be getting hers out now.