Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Jan 11th


Some replies to comments: yes, I know one can order books from a library and thus ensure that they get on the shelves. I always recommend people to do this: it's a simple way of getting good books into a Library. I already have three Ratzinger books ordered at Sutton Library....and they have promised to get them for me, but I don't know why they are so long delayed, as the request was made back in the Autumn and the books can easily be obtained from Family Publications in Oxford....I think they may be seeing if they can borrow them from another place on an inter-library loan instead.....

Re my Catholic Cultural Group: if you are London-based and might be interested, send me your NAME AND ADDRESS to this blog, as a Comment. ALL COMMENTS COME TO ME FIRST in the form of an email and I DO NOT PUBLISH THEM unless it iseems suitable, so naturally one that simply gave private information for my own use would be treated as such.


roydosan said...

Ref. your post above this (comments are disabled).

Your DVD should work - the DVD player just needs to be converted into multi-region. If you search in google for the make of your DVD player and 'unlock' and 'multi-region' it should come up. My DVD player used to refuse US DVDs as well but now I've unlocked it I can watch any DVD from anywhere in the world.

Why the DVD producing companies came up with this crazy system I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American who lived in Britain for a few years. I'm not a technology genius, but just sharing my experience.

Not finding every DVD player to be "unlockable," we watch some British DVDs on our computer. However, the only way we can do this is with DVDs that are NOT region-specific. We can watch PAL (UK) or NTSC (US) formats. I think our computer will allow us to watch either region a limited number of times, switching back and forth; but then it chooses a region and won't let you switch anymore. So, it'd be better to make sure that your computer does NOT do this before attempting to watch a North American-region DVD.

BUT, I know that you can find software online that will allow you to watch multi-region, multi-format DVDs from your computer.

Perhaps this is too much effort for just one film? :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reviewing my book. I am glad Catholic Word sent you a copy. Sometimes it is hard to believe the good news because we have been deluged with so much bad news. However, there is so much good news to report. The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism simply isn't a rah rah, feel good book. This book has lots of data to support what I am saying. In addition to more orthodox seminarians, I discuss the role of more orthodox-minded youth, lay defenders of the faith as well as more profound respect for the Eucharist and Marian devotions. I also tried to set the record straight on events that we are made to feel guilty about which we should not, like the Crusades. Before I started my website and book, I am sure Bishop Kurtz CR of Bermuda, Tom Monaghan, (American sports celebrities Dick Vitale and Gerry Faust) had never heard of me. However, after reading the manuscript they endorsed the book. In addition, Michael Dubruiel has also given a kind review on the US Amazon site. I realize events in the UK may seem bleak. However, there are signs of hope here too. Father Finigan of the Hermeutics of the Coninuity blog has e-mailed me that the newly ordained in the UK are very othodox and fill their parishioners with hope. I believe one of the reasons that raving atheists like Richard Dawkins are so upset is because they sometimes see the more positive events before we do. Again, thanks for mentioning the book!

sunnyday said...

You saw "Cheaper by the Dozen" as a child?? So I suppose the one which came out not more than 4 or 5 years ago (Steve Martin played the father) is a remake...

Who's in the cast of the version that you're referring to?