Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wed Jan 17th
Yesterday afternoon a meeting of the "Choose Life" committee chaired by Lady Salisbury in Chelsea. This grew out of the fund-raising events she ran for the pro-life cause at Hatfield House a few years ago. Today a discussion about ways of marking the 40th anniversary (this Oct) of the 1967 Abortion Act. The Choose Life committee brings together people from various groups....there was much praise for the cards produced a while back by the Association of Catholic Women, for people to carry with them....these state categorically that in the event of admission to hospital "I would like my nursing care to include food and fluids, however administered". (You can obtain a card by contacting ACW - visit website or send SAE to 22 Surbiton Hill Park, Surbiton Surrey KT5)......These particular cards also affirm the holder's identity as a Roman Catholic and state that a priest should be called: this is because under new regulations, a priest cannot be called unless a person specifically requests it - eg if your elderly auntie goes into hospital too ill to speak or move, you can't say "I know she would love to have a priest" - apparently this would infringe her human rights.....

Cycled home across Westminster Bridge. Parliament looks so splendid illuminated against the dark sky on these rainy nights....but it has been the scene of so much poor legislation throughout my adult lifetime....

This morning off to speak to a meeting of the Townswomen's Guild in Croydon, then on to tea with a delightful nephew in London. Catholic Writers' Guild meeting this evening.

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Anonymous said...

Joanna - thank you for reminding us about the need to make sure our wishes as Catholics are known when we enter hospital.

It's comforting to know that these new rights and regulations are in place in Blair's Britain - Blair, that well-known, good Christian, wannabee-Catholic-but-can't-quite-make-up-my-mind-yet-in-case-it-interferes-with-my-impottant-role-as-Prime-Minister-and-oh-yes-it-would-hard-to-become-one-while-I'm-happy-to-support-the-murder-of-babies-but-I'll-ask-my-wife's-advice-when-she-gets-in-from-her-meeting-encouraging-contraception-and-pornography-for-children.

Hope this doesn't sound cycnical or disrespectful of our First Couple.

Keep up the good work.