Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Jan 30th

A busy few days, and I was just settling nicely at the computer this evening, with Jamie at his nearby, enjoying his mug of tea and with his favourite music playing, and everything feeling cosy and getting-on-with-things, when the doorbell rang. We wanted some peace and quiet. V. depressing headlines in the press today:"Catholics defeated on opt-out...." Irritated, I got up rather grumpily to answer the door....

And there was the dear little girl from next door, in a new white dress with ruffles, holding, with great care, a parcel wrapped in silver foil.

"It's my mummy and daddy's wedding anniversary, and we've been having a party, and this is some cake for you."

And inside there was a large and generous wedge of a most delicious light sponge cake, newly-baked and topped with lovely crumbly frosting.

They are an Indian family - wonderful neighbours, with delightful children. They are very devout Christians, When they moved in a year or so ago, they held a little service with prayers and enthusiastic hymns.

Suddenly, this evening seems cheerier and happier. I hugged the little girl, and called out congratulations to her mother, who had come out to see the cake safely handed over, and there was one of those moments of pure sanity and joy in a tiresome and annoying world....and the child skipped happily about, and we told her that being married and having a family is one of the most wonderful and happy things....and now J. and I are enjoying the cake, with a couple of slices saved for tomorrow.

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