Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Jan 7th
Just been reading the Holy Father's Christmas message to the Roman Curia. DO READ can find it here :

and it is full of very good things, although it has a sad and wistful note about the future of Europe.....

Our parish has had a wonderful Christmas crib, which today was altered to include the three Wise is lovely to see families going up to enjoy the crib-scene and to pray, and it reminds me so much of being taken to do just that as a child.

I feel very fortunate to belong to St Joseph's, New Malden: it's a friendly parish and there are lots and lots of young families, plus many young people in the teens-30s bracket, for whom a new group, Forum Christi is about to be launched, with talks on aspects of the Faith. At the 11.30 am Mass we have plenty of sung Latin, and people join in. Our beautiful new parish centre which adjoins the church smells of clean new wood and bustles with people going to and fro, visiting the bookshop, having coffee-after-Mass, chatting to Father Peter our parish priest.


Anonymous said...

I came across you in the Herald. Thank God for people like you. The Spirit is truly alive and guiding us. How else will the Church survive? I am an instant fan!

Tito Pereira
(Student deacon - I know Fr Peter, he is our director!)

Anonymous said...

Auntie Joanna,

Have you had a look at this blog, you'll love it.