Sunday, January 28, 2007


A Comment to this Blog asks where people can buy my book for girls (it's for ages 9 and up). The answer is that you can get it via Amazon(it is published by GRACEWING BOOKS) or (better!!) directly from me. Send a cheque for £7.95p or US$20 to me: c/o 34 Barnard Gardens New Malden Surrey KT3 6QG England. Make the cheque out to Mrs J.Bogle. (I'll send the American ones by surface mail, so if you want the book more quickly, send me an extra $5 and it will go by airmail).

Also: the nice letter from Miles Jesu who asked me about bicycles - I'm longing to reply to you - but unless you give me an email address, I can't!!!

PLEASE NOTE: comments to this blog automatically cut out your email address unless you include it in the main body of what you are writing. I HAVE NO MEANS OF CONTACTING YOU UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

NOTE to anguished people who have sent in Comments to this blog because they "just cannot understand" why the Catholic Church teaches that two men cannot marry : a lot of people can help you, but this blog cannot adequately do so. Start with Pope John Paul's "Theology of the Body" and the "Catechism of the Catholic Church - and be open to the possibility that the Church does have the answers to your questions.


Anonymous said...

Praise God that you are (half) off your soap box and back on your bike.

Anonymous said...

The reason why two men and two women cannot marry is that there is no basis for it. The reason for marriage is, primarily, for the procreation of children, within a vowed bond of love, and the future of the human race. 'Go forth and multiply and renew the face of the earth.' The male and female sex cannot do this independently of each other. Love can, and does, exist between members of the same sex but it is not, and cannot be, marriage in the real understanding of the term. Civil partnerships are not marriages, whatever their participants might pretend to the contrary. They are available primarily for the defence of property and are justly validated as such. For this reason the Church has not officially condemned them as a legal entity. Whether Christians choose to enter them is a matter of conscience.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, What about lniking to the people who have linked to you. It is one of those blogosphere courtesies that make life worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Joanna's manners, I fear, leave a great deal to be desired. She has no idea how bad they are and would be surprised that people have noticed.

Liz O'Neill said...

Hey anonymous!

Maybe I can alert YOU to another courtesy of the blogosphere - post under your own name :)

Joanna -just found your blog and love it.

Colleen said...

I agree, Auntie, "Theology of the Body" and the "CCC" are excellent places to start in discovering why the Catholic Church teaches what it does about homosexuality. Additionally, Christopher West is a good source for bringing "Theology of the Body" to the 'beginner.'

I'd like to hear how someone who questions/denies Church morality defends gay relationships on a scientific level. If everyone were homosexual, the human race would die out. Homosexuality is not consistent with the survival of the species.

Despite what I was ever taught in school, this whole issue is yet one more example of how science and the Church are entirely compatible!