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Golly, some readers of this blog are an odd lot. Some comments - which I have not published - have come in from people who seem to think we should emphatically do nothing to stop the Governmen forcing Catholic organisations to accept adoption of children by active homosexuals. Their reasoning? Apparently some Catholic adoptions over the years have been less than satisfactory and some bishops have allowed this or remained wilfully ignorant of it (eg adoption by single people who might have homosexual tendencies, or to divorced-remarried people). that makes it acceptable for the Government to force us to accept homosexual adoptions? By this reckoning, Thomas More should have accepted Henry V111's divorce and remarriage on the grounds that there were hideous immoralities among the clergy, and therefore the KIng's attempts to force the Church into submission were acceptable.

I just don't get some of these people. Two or three have written to me with apparent glee noting where Bishops and Cardinals have got things wrong, or pursued policies that have not upheld the Church's moral teachings. (They've omitted our first Pope, who denied the Lord three times....but they focus on more recent activities). They are doubtless glad that the Government's spokesmen, and others who want to curtail the Church's mission, have been making equally gleeful use of this material....and indeed of the fact that it has now been revealed in the recent past children in the care of various Catholic children's societies were abused, sent to Australia in mass emigration schemes of dubious value, etc etc. But I still don't see why that means we have to accept homosexual adoption.

Spent today doing media debates about the Govt's plans. Whatever the Bishops finally decide I feel they have at least put up a fight, and certainly most people in Britain have now learned that the Catholic Church does not accept "gay marriage". Even if lots of people feel they ought to regard that position as bigoted, cruel, homophobic, or whatever, they do at least know it is where the Church officially stands. I suspect that quite a lot do respect the Church for its stand, even though they have to say publicly that they deplore it because it is cruel, oppressive, unjust etc etc......

Personally, I hope the Bishops stick to their guns, and close down the adoption socities rather than accept - even on paper and with private reservations that they will not implement them - the Government's new rules. It is heartbreaking to think that there will be no official and formal way a Catholic mother can seek a specifically Catholic family for the adoption of her child. But there are ways to help achieve it through links with other adoption societies, and it would be better to do this than have official Church institutions legally committed to accepting immoral lifestyles....


Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly.

Many thanks,

God bless,

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether you've read a book called 'Beyond Gay' by David Morrison (see If not, you'd be welcome to have my copy, if you could email me your address. I found it a moving and illuminating book. It's a pity the editor of the Tablet hasn't read it...

Anonymous said...

Think i've read it, anonymous. Is it along the lines of changing ones sexual orientation? I have some experience without going into details of people who have chosen to live celibately & alone. A brave step. We have discussed reasons for same-sex attraction, & feel childhood experiences, along with a genetic predisposition are likely influences.

Of course the problem today, is in it being socialy acceptable & on a par with the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. It's never kind to live a lie. There is a Priest a FR John ?? who started Courage/Encourage who has helped my living chaste & holy lives, with this affliction..& suffering such as it is.

This like anonymouses suggestion could be a way forward in converting many. God willing,

God bless,

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

Anonymous said...

I did not write with glee over what Archbishop Nichols said this am. I was angry and saddened that when I write to my MP and to Messrs Johnson and Blair that it will be HARDER because the Church has already caved on homosexual and other morally ambigious family situations on adoption.

For those who are in the process of writing, here's some back up help; com
Go to radio and the 8th Jan and download the MP3 by Dawn Stefanowicz.
She also has a website
She is a survivor of a gay household.
There's a lot of good info to help with letters and emails there.
We are not all as well versed in these things as you Joanna.
Some of us have to read things up first-and not write half-inofrmed letters that could well back fire and NOT help the rights of children or Catholics in this mess.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

His Grace's communicants find it preposterous that the theological positions of The Catholic Church are to be condemned but the Secular Humanist Ideological Position of social workers are somehow to be revered. It is abhorrent that the former should be obliged by statute law to submit to the latter.

One must begin at some stage to question the legitimacy of the State itself. It is clear that Labour has gold-plated yet another EU Directive in this Frattini- Year of Diversity. The issue becomes one our 17th Century forebears appreciated better than ourselves - that of Leviathan - forcing its way into our very consciences. After the events of the 20th Century one might have expected a little more alacrity on the part of the thinking population as the Secular Priesthood of Lawyers seeks ever greater powers of persecution and inquisition.

The point is that the State does not have a monopoly on Knowledge or Wisdom, and it should not believe it is the keeper of men's souls.

Rich Leonardi said...

Unfortunately, there exists a substantial "College of Faint Hearts" within the Church when it comes to these issues. As often as not, they're able to find their courage when someone proposes, say, a wealth redistribution scheme.

Anonymous said...

A very simplistic observation here, but to those dredging up past mistakes, haven't we all been taught that two wrongs don't make a right?

I so enjoy reading your blog! Wanted to ask too, I know you mentioned before, but how do we in the States order one of your novel's for girls?

Thanks and God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Doubtless you know, Joanna, that all St Thomas More's family took the Oath. Cf A Man for All Seasons and major historical works on the saint.

Anonymous said...

The way you go on might lead you to be prosected under the Sex Discrimination Act.

Jeff Miller said...

Boston Catholic Charities shut down their adoption services because of this. While this is too bad - it is so much better than for them to be cooperating in this sin. So I also do hope that your bishops stick to their guns on this. As Blessed Mother Teresa said "God didn’t call us to be successful. He called us to be faithful."

As for the book recommendation by anonymous. David Morrison now regrets the title of his book since he no longer uses the word Gay. David is totally faithful to the magisterium of the Church and is involved with Courage here in the states which is all faithful. His book in an amazing conversion story from the homosexual lifestyle.

BillyHW said...

Personally, I hope the Bishops stick to their guns, and close down the adoption socities rather than accept

That isn't martyrdom, it's surrender. That's exactly what they want.

The more glorious thing to do would be to continue as usual and refuse to perform gay adoptions. And then not pay the fine. And then get carted away to jail in front of all the television cameras. Imagine a bishop of the Catholic Church getting carted away to jail for refusing to deny Christ!

Then people would understand how important this is.

Anonymous said...

I too hope the bishops stick to their guns.
However had they insisted the Catholic adoption agencies stuck to the Catholic faith in the past regarding asdoption by single honosexuals as well as co-habitees, divorced and remarrieds, it might have made their position more easily defendable by the rest of us.
We need Orthodox bishops in this country, I hope that this mess will focus the mind of the Nuncio and Congregation for Bishops in their choice of future bishops and the Abp of Westminster.

Anonymous said...

This ranting blog, and some of the comments, get crazier by the day. Its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Joanna - great post - keep up the bloggin' like this on this most important of issues. I agree with all you've said, well done on the media interviews which I realise can be daunting from my teeny weeny experience there.

Anonymous said...

Have added some of your comments to our SORs report - and put in a link to your blogspot from our website

Reciprocal link would be much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

"Imagine a bishop of the Catholic Church getting carted away to jail for refusing to deny Christ!"

In England??? Come on! There aren't any John Fishers left!

Seriously, though, this is a vitally important issue. However, as Mary Pickering has mentioned, some of the damage is already done by the bishops not insisiting that the Catholic Adoption Agencies stuck to Church teaching all along. Yet, all is not lost, if all Catholics support their bishops and bishops stick to the Church's teachings, there should be a way through this politically inflicted mess that does not compromise the Church.

Let's leave to one side issues about bishops as indiviuals, but support the teachings and leadership which it is their duty to provide.

Anonymous said...

I hope the bishops stand firm and we Catholics all should be supporting them.
What was that saying 'there will never be a Catholic on the throne of England', I wonder if there will ever be a Christian in 10 Downing Street!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love the idea of our bishops being taken off to jail for defying the government. What a witness, what a condemnation of our liberal society, what an example to the young, what a renewal of the Church it will bring about.

Anonymous said...

Have posted the Morrison book to you; if you've read it, please just pass it on. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Most folks love the idea of other folks being carted off to long as its not themselves. Its pretty easy to stand on the side lines & cheer but to have your own life & the lives of your fam turned upside down is quite another thing. Another thing that every Committed Catholic might have to think about sooner than later.

Laban said...

After your combative performance on R5's 'Drive' last week, I'm also linking from my blog. Keep on telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

You are right, we may all need to contemplate putting ourselves & our families on the line.

As a wife & mother, i break out into a cold sweat..particularly when i think of St Margaret Cltherow...such faith & bravery. How does one get it?

God bless,

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've got this wrong, but aren't the bishops appointed by the Holy Father? If so, the majority of these men were chosen and given the pallium by John Paul the Great, of blessed memory. Or isn't it as simple as that?