Sunday, March 14, 2010

You probably won't hear...

...the facts about the current sex-abuse scandals and the Church, and Rome,and so on, so get some info here

And this although rather dense and technical, is of importance in understanding the logistics of how the Church's law can tackle such things.

And, incidentally, there is some interesting stuff here about the rescue of Jews in wartime Italy under Pius XII.


Anonymous said...

You've probably already seen it, but there was a post by Andrew Brown on CiF Belief the other day talking about this - I hope you don't mind me posting the link...

UKViewer said...

The negative Publicity is sad for the RC Church. But the damage done to those who have been abused is of more concern to many.

The unfortunate perception is that there is a conspiracy of silence and cover up within the Church - which appeared to be justified by the allegations covered by the Murphy Report in Ireland.

This is so damaging and unsettling for RC Members - who question whether the Church can be believed.

I would hope that all allegations could be dealt with speedily, with care for those abused being the primary concern, but with also some protection of those who might be unjustifiably accused.

I think that lots of prayer will be needed from within the Church and from others as well.

This will not go away until it is seen to be clearly and transparently dealt with.

Sad and challenging times for the Church.