Monday, March 29, 2010

Good grief...

...the New York Times (no I'm not going to give the link, it's all too nauseating) has now arranged for its dishonesty and invective to be used as formal educational material in schools because "teachers and parents want to help their students and children understand the current sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church": it offers a schema for lesson-plans so that children can be duly instructed in its propaganda.


>>>3} said...

Nauseating! I am glad you refrained from linking.

chimakuni said...

Our local newspaper did the same thing several years back - sending their liberal newsprint to the local schools. I was home educating our sons at the time so I requested they also send their paper to us at home here at no charge. It took quite some talking to get them to agree, but eventually they did.

I used the newspapers to teach our sons how to read through the classifieds, how to find the weather and all those mundane things and then we learned how to dissect an article and see if it passed the "smell" test.

In the end, we used the paper for liner on the bottom of the budgies cage!

Praying that one or two of the teachers will be able to figure out how to teach from a liberal rag!

Anonymous said...

The old rag is in trouble because no one reads it

I think they feel this will boost circulation

It is in it's death throes..and deserves to be