Friday, March 26, 2010

An early start...

...after a late arrival home last night. While busy with a project at Chelsea (helping to produce the cards that will be given to priests as part of our annual thank-you gesture at the Chrism Mass), media 'phone calls and much discussion as the storm rages.

Important to get the facts straight and to be alert for the next wave of attacks. My guess is that these will seek to besmirch Pope John Paul.

Who is it within the Church - in the USA? in Rome? - who is helping to feed all this? With what motive(s)?


boneshakinbluz said...

We live in the day where men call good evil and evil good. I often think that people attack truth and the Church that teaches it in order to assuage their own burdened consciences. An attack on the church and the vicar of Christ is an attack on Christ Himself. To be sure the sex abuse scandal is a big kick in the shins to the mystical body of Christ. To accuse the church of covering up the affair is an attempt to point out that the Catholic Church are a bunch of sinners telling the rest of the world how to live and what to believe. Well, of course the Church is full of sinners, but sinners who acknowledge their fallen nature and the need for a redeemer. But, they go further, they desire that all men come to Christ in conversion of soul; to taste and see that the Lord is good. So, rather than be like cockroaches who flee from the light, convert and be like moths drawn to the flame of God's redeeming light.

Former Catholic said...

Let us be clear on this - a small number of priests systematically and viciously sexually abused young boys in many countries during the 20th century. The reason that many people outside the RC Church are angry is that there was a concerted effort to cover-up, deny and defend the abusers involving many bishops, cardinals and possibly even Popes. Do you deny that this abuse took place? Was it a sin? Are those who protected the abusers sinners? Now abuse is not unique to the RC Church, and only the most bigoted would claim otherwise. However, your Church will only regain trust and be able to evangelize once this issue is aired and dealt with.