Friday, March 26, 2010

And more...

...yes, yes, I know you'd like Auntie to write lots of cheery stuff about how she is whizzing about on her bicycle in the London springtime. But it isn't like that just at the moment in the life of this Catholic journalist. There's a war on, fought in no small measure through the Internet and the rest of the media, the former being a new and powerful weapon in the hands of those who loathe the Church. And most people aren't well-informed. Are you? Have you read this from New York? And this which goes into some detail?

And I'm assuming that most serious readers will have read this and been pleased that Archbishop Vincent has spoken out (BTW don't buy the wretched Times: look at it on-line).

Of course there are other things to tackle, work to be done. I spent today partly at Premier Radio, talking about Alive to the World and recording some talks (about Mary, among other topics) which will be broadcast in May. And of course I also took part in the main news programme which discussed....


Anonymous said...

It is dismaying that you continue to snatch opportunities to air your views on the air on however obscure radio programmes. Haven't you learnt a lesson from your disastrous appearance on Channel 4 news with John Snow? You can never keep your temper, you harass and insult fellow commentators, you descend to hysteria, you cannot stop talking and rarely allow anybody else to get a word in edgeways. At a time of acute sensitivity you really should abandon any attempt to defend the Church and the Holy Father because you invariably end up doing more harm than good and providing ammunition for those who hate the Church. As a spokesman you are one of the worst liabilities the Church has not only for your fanaticism but for your shallow knowledge of what you talk about. They only invite you to make a fool of you and score more points against the Church's credibility. Have you no idea what harm you do?

Joanna Bogle said...

I am acutely aware of my limitations though it is very kind of you to mention them again just in case I forget.

You might like to contact Premier Radio where you may be able to listen to the broadcast and make up your mind as to my performance after that.

You write anonymously. It would be useful to know who you are. I am wondering why, when you write with such passion, you won't give your name?


UKViewer said...


Thanks for posting. I think that I have said how sorry I am for the things that are going on at the moment.

Things have been handled badly, and the media circus is using this to pillory people.

The RC Church will remain in an Anglicans Prayers.

boneshakinbluz said...

Keep up the good fight! I think the battles will only get nastier, because there is a hatred for Christ's Church that transcends issues. Issues are the conduit used to stir up the arguements and accusations. If men and women of good will are given a healthy forum for candid dialogue people will have the opportunity for a well reasoned conversation that may bring a change of heart. But, if your media is anything like ours in the states, they like a good shouting match where the guest is interrupted constantly and made to look foolish.

Anonymous said...


I must say that your ignoble attack on a very noble defender of the faith is quite mean spirited.

If you think you can do better, then , where is your voice in these troubled times of our Church?
Or do you think we should all cower under the pressure from the media and sharks encircling the Vatican ready for the kill.

Former Catholic said...

As a former Catholic I must admit that I'm still a fan of Auntie. She is honest forthright and doesn't give a hang for PC platitudes.