Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bishops - where are you?

There are Bishops speaking out for the truth in this dreadful time of lies and hatred aimed at the Holy Father and the Church. This list is not exhaustive, but these are some men to note:

Honour to:
Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster - see previous recent blog entries
Archbishop Timothy Dolan, New York
Cardinal Marc Quellet, Primate of Canada
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of Vienna
Catholic Bishops Conference of France

Among lay people, honour to Jack Valero of Opus Dei and, to a lesser degree, Christina Odone along with a number of Americans, including George Weigel, John Allen and Bill Donohue.

Among clergy - honour to Fr Dwight Longenecker - read the piece on his Blog.


Laura said...

Where are the Bishops? Well, it's hard not to imagine them with their heads under the blanket, but who knows? Perhaps they are preparing a courageous defence of the Holy Father and the Church. Or perhaps they know there is worse - much worse - to come.....

UKViewer said...


I think that you pose a valid question.

The silence of the Bishops might be due to censorship on their public comments? Alternatively, there might be reasons such as their awareness of or responsibility for cases in their diocese which have not been dealt with properly?

I don't believe the theories going around of a conspiracy against the Pope. But some people are prepared to discuss it openly, casting "Liberal" Bishops as the scapegoats

I wonder..........

Hippolytus said...

Thank you for the links. Very useful.