Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday...

...and we met outside the church and processed in, remembering Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

Vile attacks on the Church and the H. Father in the press today, rather resembling those produced the Goebbels' propaganda teams.

But there's a story the press haven't picked up. Who was the Bishop who routinely dismissed child-abuse claims, admitted shredding files on priests accused of abuse, and who was then revealed as having paid out $450,000 from church funds to his own former homosexual lover?

Step forward Archbishop Rembert Weakland, currently posing as the "good guy" who wrote to Rome to reveal a child abuse case. The real facts? He dismissed sexual abuse time and again,then in the 1990s eventually contacted Rome twenty years after a serious abuser had been active in his diocese, and has given no reason for his failure to act before then. The priest in question was by then dying, so nothing useful could be done and the chap died a few months after his case had been discussed in Rome.

You can get a lot more about this here and do further research by checking Weakland's Wikipedia entry.

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percher said...

I have read far too much bile over the past few weeks, you are right, the stuff appearing in so-called quality papers is indeed reminiscent of Goebels et al. We need to keep praying for Truth and Justice. And His peace in our hearts and protection for the holy Father. Please keep up the great work Joanna. God bless.