Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is happening...

...to ordinary free speech in Britain?

In a mainstream newspaper today:

"Mums and Dads
. In our article of September 16 2009, we stated that 'all the evidence shows that a child has the best life outcomes if he or she is adopted into a stable traditional married family - and that means a mother and a father, not two dads'. We would like to make it clear that there is conflicting evidence both supporting and rebutting this position."

So a newspaper now cannot assert that a stable traditional married family, with a mum and a dad, not two dads, is the best way to raise a child, unless it states that there is "conflicting avidence both supporting and rebutting this position".

What happens, then, if a newspaper wants to assert that "evidence shows that two men in an active homosexual relationship are the best environment in which to raise a child"? Will the paper be obliged to state that there is evidence both supporting and rebutting this position?

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