Monday, January 20, 2020


...who are trying to impose beliefs, Soviet-style. Read here...

Thursday, January 09, 2020

...and there are HISTORY WALKS....

...through February and into March, with a special one for families at half-term, focusing on London Bridge and the Viking battle....


Wednesday, January 08, 2020



Come and join us!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Hic est consilium meum...

de  eventorum:

Praeses Americae  debere conari ut attingamus in virtute prudentiae 

Sunday, January 05, 2020

And today...

... more Epiphany celebrations, with a  traditional London Tea, hosted by Stephen de la Bedoyere - longtime friend and wonderful worker for many good causes. We had mince pies, and  a delicious Galette, with a silver sixpence for the King.. We had each been asked to bring something amusing or poignant to read or recite. John Pontifex - who works for Aid to the Church in Need and has his own share of adventures to tell - had recently rediscovered the wartime diary of an uncle who served as a chaplain with the Army in France and was killed at Dunkirk...moving and powerful.

The tea party was in a flat high over South London and talk turned to local history. A book A Parish in wartime has been produced by St Anselm's, Tooting Bec and on the way home I dropped in to the church to get a copy. It's fascinating - warmly recommended.


...Twelfth Night celebrations with Polish friends, hosted by Gosia Bryzinska and family. Gosia is a talented writer and also an artist -  her lovely sketches illustrate my book on Newman's London.. Delicious food (barsch, bigos, a buffet of cheeses and pate and salads...).  The sharing of the oplatek with hugs and blessings all round. The Fourth King was chosen via a tray of gingerbread covered with silver sugar: whoever got the Star was the King and was duly crowned, and a box went round for charity which the King will send to Aid to the Church in Need.  And  we sang carols. By turn Polish and English, with young voices providing descants, and some really glorious music soaring.... It was absolutely wonderful - the cosy room, people seated on sofas or chairs or the floor, candles glowing, wine and coffee going the

Thursday, December 26, 2019

AND IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS.... come and celebrate on Monday January 6th at 6pm  with a lantern-lit Walk a cross London Bridge.

Meet 6pm at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Omeara Street, London SE1. Nearest tube: BOROUGH or LONDON BRIDGE.

We'll have a couple of lanterns - or bring your own!

We'll sing an Epiphany hymn as we begin, and on the way we'll hear about the history of the Bridge (Romans, Saxons, an important Viking battle, St Olaf, the Great Fire, and more...).

All welcome - no need to book, just turn up!!

We invite a modest donation for these History Walks, but this is a special Epiphany Walk...just come and join in!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019


...and  after Midnight Mass at a much-loved church  I walked back along the Thames with a lantern, singing Christmas hymns and carols, from London Bridge to Tower Bridge,  the river glittering alongside, and HMS Belfast looming sturdily up in the dark. Very few people about and all the places  familiar to me in the daytime ...the Borough Market and the streets around there - Clink Street and the Borough High Street and Tooley Street - were almost deserted  although there were some small groups of revellers, one or two lone folk hurrying, a watchman in a lit-up office, with whom  a "Merry Christmas" was exchanged. The accoustics under railway bridges are magnificent: it felt strange to be singing alone beneath arches where I have often sung with parish processions.

And so finally along Tower Bridge Road and to our room in our Christmas  hideaway.. .