Sunday, September 13, 2009

Instead of cycling to my usual parish...

...this morning I went to Mass at St Gregory's, Earlsfield, in pursuit of some one called Kitty Flanagan!

Who is she?

A nun, more specifically a Bridgettine, and she is buried in Sweden. And the point is that she might one day be canonised as a saint, and she grew up in Earlsfield as a staunch member of St Gregory's parish. It's an extraordinary story, and the kind parish priest at Earlsfield has given me some material about her. It's all part of a project in which I am researching her life, and that of another wonderful Bridgettine nun, Mother Riccarda, who grew up in the parish of St Mary Magdalene, Brighton.Both of these woman played a major role in the revival of the Bridgettine Order in modern times. Mother Riccarda's story is heroic as was in charge of the Roman convent which hid Jewish and other refugees during WWII - and would have been shot if this had been discovered.

Mother Catherine - Kitty - Flanagan belonged to a large family and two of her brothers settled in Australia, probably Sydney. Can any Australian reader help me find out more? If you are living in Australia and reading this - and especially if your name is Flanagan! - I'm interested in hearing from you. Remember that if you send a comment to this Blog, I NEED IT TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL EMAIL ADDRESS or else I cannot reply to you. I will not of course publish your address.

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