Monday, September 07, 2009

A Birthday...

... is a time for mild introspection. Kind cards and gifts and messages. Tea with Mother. An evening with J.

Tomorrow, September 8th, is a more important Birthday, one marked in the Church's calendar. Pleasingly, a young team has just produced a new website Totus 2us dedicated to Mary. It is worth a visit partly as it reminds us of what a remarkable, extraordinary gift we had in Pope John outstanding man, priest, and Pope...

And recently Pope Benedict, at a great gathering in an Italian city, addressed a beautiful prayer to Our Lady which said, in part:

Clement Virgin, Mother of Humanity,
Turn your gaze upon the men and women of our time,
upon peoples and those who govern them, upon nations and continents;
console those who weep, who suffer, who struggle because of human injustice,
sustain those who waver under the weight of toil
and look to the future without hope;
encourage those who labor to build a better world
where justice triumphs and brotherhood reigns,
where egoism, hatred and violence cease.
May every form and manifestation of violence
Be defeated by the peaceful power of Christ!

Virgin of Listening, Star of Hope,
Mother of Mercy,
source through whom Jesus came into the world,
our life and our joy,
we thank you and we renew to you the offer of our life,
certain that you will never abandon us,
especially in the dark and difficult moments of existence.
Be with us always: now and at the hour of our death.

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