Thursday, September 10, 2009


...for all of us who are fed up with ugly modern churches, and ugly modern attempts at religious art.

The Pope has invited artists to gather with him in the Sistine Chapel, to celebrate the greatness and joy and beauty of glorious art and to explore its meaning.


Maybe at last we'll see some tangible evidence of a new hope in art emerging...the signs have been there for some time, and there is such a longing for beauty, for art and architecture that celebrates the true meaning of things, celebrates the search for truth, and man's link with God.

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Malcolm McLean said...

Famously, the gallery in Trafalgar Square exhibited an empty plinth in mistake for a work of art.
The most basic qualification for being "art" has now not been met.

We badly need real art back, which isn't necessarily realism, in fact one of the few areas of genuine art still left is fantasy, but isn't ugly or trivial.

Paul J Clifford said...

Hmmmm. I'm not so sure that modern necessarily equals ugly. I love the interior of Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral (though not so keen on the exterior). And I actually prefered the Sacre Coeur to Notre Dame when I first visited Paris. Part of the appeal of aged churches is the fact that they are aged. It adds to a sense of wonder and mystery. Modern buildings will always lack this key ingredient.

Anonymous said...

And of course, Maryvale offers the truly unique and wonderful 'Art Beauty and Inspiration in a Catholic Perspective' one year time part course!

Anonymous said...

The true meaning of Christmas, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson:

"This partnership is a fitting tribute to “the man who invented Christmas”"