Thursday, September 10, 2009

A beautiful Mass... Westminster Cathedral, to mark the visit of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, who preached, asking us to pray for peace in the Holy Land, and to remember the plight of the Christian community there, under pressure from all sides and diminishing in numbers as young people simply leave to find jobs and opportunities overseas. There are excellent schools and other institutions run by the Church, which need support and help - contact here for more information.

The Mass...absolutely glorious, a crowded cathedral glowing with light and beauty in the Autumn evening...the choir sang a magnificent Ave Maria, the strength and beauty of the boys' clear voices filling all the great spaces with the sound of faith.

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Anonymous said...

So true Joanna, it was such a wonderful evening. The Patriach talked with such passion and our hearts all went out to the persecuted Christians. He pointed out that all our roots are based in Jerusalem as that is where Christianity was born.
The choir sang so beautifully I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. All I could think was that when my next child marries it will be here with that choir singing. Well we can all dream!!

We must do all we can to help all the persecuted Christians of this world, firstly by prayer and then in any other way we can think of. The Aid to the Church in Need are doing so much good work, please support them.