Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Babies and toddlers and cheerful small children...

...have featured much in Auntie's week so far, with a Monday spent assisting with small relatives, and a Tuesday morning busy with a friend on book-proofs with a gurgling baby crawling happily around as we worked. It all makes for a week that feels ordinary and real and grounded in things that really matter.

In between, much reading and essay-writing for my Maryvale course.

And speculation about the Pope's visit to Britain. He has been saying some very good things while in the Czech republic - ignored by the media here and indeed by many Catholic bloggers. "As Europe listens to the story of Christianity, she hears her own. Her notions of justice, freedom and social responsibility, together with the cultural and legal institutions established to preserve these ideas and hand them on to future generations, are shaped by her Christian inheritance." And some inspiring words to the young read here.


Anonymous said...

There wasn't much freedom in the papal states my dear!

Anonymous said...

Yes, cultural legal and social institutions are all shaped by the Christian ethic and are being undermined by existing governments to pander to minority groups in the name of political correctness
to grab more votes.Christian Church Leaders should find some cohanas and do something before it's too late!