Wednesday, September 23, 2009


...just got the news!!!!


PJA said...

If true, then it's excellent news; however, I hope Ruthie isn't jumping the gun - she has been known too before.

God bless our Holy Father!

Fr Joseph OP said...

It's fantastic news.

I was in Sydney whilst you were there but wasn't able to attend your talk and book signing in Western Sydney. A gentleman friend I met there kindly got me a signed copy of your book which I hope to read soon. I must say, I wish I was there these past days with the martian terrain!

Brian said...

Hello auntie joanna!

I read on another blog that it is likely that the Bishops' Conference is still paying off the debt from John Paul's visit in 1982! If so, then it would be better for His Holiness to stay in Rome and we go visit him rather than lay up the good laity of this country with more debt! Anyway, if he does come, it'll probably be a State Visit and the cost burden met by general taxation. Anyway, I'm always dubious about these large scale papal events abroad. They are usually a crash-bang-wallop affair for a few days with a dubious legacy. I participated in a couple of events in 1982 (on the pitch at Wembley and strumming my guitar at Southwark), all very nice, but, what is the tangible benefit from the 1982 visit that is lasting and part of our Catholic identity in these isles?


PJA said...

Speaking personally, Brian, it was my reception into the Catholic Church seven years later. For me, his visit wasn't just "tangible", it was a spiritual embrace.

I was twelve at the time and my evangelical vicar was incredibly hostile to the Holy Father's visit.

As far as I was concerned, and prior to his visit, the Holy Father had been just another (somewhat dubious) Christian leader based in a foreign country. After his visit, I HAD to find out more - to find out why my vicar was hostile to the Catholic Church and also to discover why I felt drawn towards it.

Had he not visited in 1982, my journey home to Rome (via a sojourn in high Anglicanism) might have taken a great deal longer.

Malcolm McLean said...

I sort of agree with Brian. Really it depends what the Pope says, and if people listen. We have enough celebrities in the country already without needing one more.

However there is a different psychology to the Pope being there and talking with the Queen, hopefully about Christian reunification, than communicating via ambassadors and papal nuncii (plural?). Somethign good may come out of the visit.