Friday, March 15, 2013

Well, the angry tirades against the new Pope have started...

...and first off was a nasty "traditionalist Catholic" blog which published a furious rant asserting - among other things - that as a Bishop he "persecuted every single priest who made an effort to wear a cassock".

Which seems unlikely, since he wore one himself.  David Uebbing, Catholic News Service, March 13th, talked to people who knew him in Buenos Aires:

"In February 2001, Fr. Rosica was at a meeting in Buenos Aires of the bishops from throughout Latin America to promote World Youth Day in Canada. He was told that Archbishop Bergoglio was going to celebrate Mass for the people at the meeting.

“So I went in earlier, and sat and prayed in the back. And I saw this man come in with a simple black cassock and knelt in front of me and prayed for the longest time. And then when he came out in the procession, it was the archbishop.”


Alenka said...

Yes - wouldn't you know! How sad. My feeling is that this Pope may just have his priorities right and may give a gentle reminder to certain quarters that there's a wider world out there!

Catherine of Siena said...

I'm more concerned the Pope found the time to write to the chief rabbi of Rome, with no call for conversion, on the very night of his election: this surely must be one of the most deviant acts in the 2000 year history of the papacy.

Joanna Bogle said...

Why do you consider Pope Benedict "deviant"? The first letter he wrote after being chosen as Pope was to the Chief Rabbi of Rome. It is rather good that Pope Francis has followed his example.

I am sorry that you believe Pope Benedict - surely one of the greatest theologians of the Church, and a magnificent Pope - to have indulged in "one of the most deviant acts in the 2000 year history of the papacy". You need to reflect on what you have written, and perhaps recognise that some serious prayer, and an apology, is due.

I have printed your Comment because I think it is important for you, and others, to recognise how very wrong it is to allow your anger and contempt to rule your words and actions.

Lamentably Sane said...

Just wondering why you always block my posts, Joanna....

Joanna Bogle said...

Dear Lamentably

In the case of your most recent attempt to post a Comment, it was blocked because because you wanted to give a link to a schismatic group, and this is a Catholic blog so I don't have links like that.

best wishes

Auntie Joanna

Anonymous said...

I'm a Benedict XVI girl. I have pictures of him up in my kitchen cupboards (UNDER pictures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph) and pray for him, since 2005, every day. I love his reforms and the Mass in Latin. I miss him terribly.

That being said, I am ecstatic and thrilled with our lovely new Pope!

I am stunned by some of the reactions and disheartened that so many have seemed to lack charity to his personal style - we all have one - and that doesn't necessarily reflect Pope Francis's entire Pontificate that hasn't even yet begun.

I have friends who love the Mass in Latin and all the regalia but voted for Obama because "he seemed nice."

My point is, one's preference and style does not dictate future reforms, changes, etc.

Ever think that maybe going from riding the bus in Buenos Aries to the formality of the Papacy might take some time for someone as shy and humble as Francis?

Viva Francisco!

Anonymous said...

We prayed for the conclave. That prayer has been answered. We have the Pope that God wants, and who is what the Church needs.
Let us not be carried away by assuming the Holy Spirit should give our preference for who we thought should have been Pope.
The Holy Spirit has given us the Pope we need at this time in our history.Let us rejoice in that.

G said...

I suppose it is really a compliment to the new Holy Father that he is already having such personal attacks being made on him. Wouldn't it be much more concerning if such unpleasant people liked him? He is clearly going to be a great Pope, and, I would say, seems to have All The Right Ideas.

I agree entirely that one should ignore all media comparisons of Benedict v. Francis. It's all just puff and designed to fill column inches, and mostly penned by people who probably don't know all that much about them.