Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A happy day... this school in London. A classroom full of cheerful little girls in bright blue uniforms, and Auntie giving a talk about Lent and Easter customs and traditions. The afternoon's began with prayers - the children in a circle, hands together, eyes closed, voices very sweetly chorusing a prayer together asking God's blessing on their lessons, their activities, their friendships. Then a cross was passed around from one child to another, and as each child held it, she made a request for prayer - for a granny who was unwell, for a Daddy travelling  home from abroad, for the cardinals in Rome meeting to choose the new Pope...

The children were a delight to teach. They already knew about Lent, and the Last Supper, and Good Friday, and Easter. They loved learning about the Royal Maundy, and the washing of feet, and about how Easter eggs have developed into the chocolate ones we know now, and more...they were reverent and thoughtful in discussing sacred things, eager and excited about answering questions in the little quiz that ended the day. I had some medals of Bl John Paul with me, and the winning team each got one.  A happy day.

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Fr Rudolf said...

We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit at Saint Christina's. All the girls paid undivided attention to what was being said and discussed - to have held their attention for two hours was no mean feat. A few days later, during Latin, we chanced upon the adjective 'laetus'...'That was the word Mrs Bogle taught us about, the one meaning happy' I was told. Not only did they listen, but they remembered too.

Thank you for making their afternoon so enjoyable and for helping to increase their love of the faith!