Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bach's St John Passion... Westminster Cathedral. Absolutely superb. In the hushed cathedral, as the lights dimmed, the great Crucifix cast its shadow  on the high ceiling  as the  the choir gathered  in front of the chancel. And then the chorale began...the words of Scriptures interspersed with meditative prayer, all in Bach's soaring music...unforgettable, awesome and inspiring.

Out into the  cold and raw evening...we finished with hot chocolate and sandwiches at Victoria station.

Home late, and a fat envelope awaited me. Turned out to be a package of thank-you letters from the dear, dear little girls at St Christina's School, where I gave a talk recently. I am very touched. The letters and cards are all hand-written and illustrated. One sample: "Thank you Mrs Bogle for the things we learned about Lent because of you. Your  jokes were a good idea for us to enjoy it." Several mentioned how much they enjoyed learning the origins of words (I'd explained to them about Beth-lehem, the place of bread, and so on...). There was a quiz and the winners got John Paul medals: one child has drawn a beautiful picture of her medal and written about JPII, explaining that he was the Pope before Benedict XVI, and "he made World Youth day"...

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