Tuesday, November 28, 2017


...looks weird all covered with scaffolding. Checking the time by Big Ben is so automatic - I looked up, and there it wasn't.  Clock face obscured by the network of metal struts and platforms...but as I walked down towards Black Rod's entrance, where I was due to meet David Alton, I looked back and just one face of the four was showing. Checked the time and was reassured.

The meeting with David was about a project that will, we think, come to fruition in due course. News on this Blog when it does.

Headlines today, plus much internet buzz, about Prince Harry and Miss Markle.


J Derry said...

Hi Joanna, according to parliament officials, there will always be one face of the clock of Big Ben on view during the restoration period over the next couple of years. I am so glad they are restoring this beautiful clock and building. It is part and parcel of our heritage and we must preserve it for generations to come. It will ring in the New Year on 31st December, which is nice and reassuring.

Unknown said...

I was so glad to find this site; I have been on your other blog site but you had not published in quite a while. I really miss seeing your show on EWTN. Thank you.