Sunday, November 05, 2017

I have long wanted... have a go with one of those machines that are used to scoop up leaves in the streets at this time of year. There was a chap using one in the street outside Precious Blood church and I asked him if I could be allowed to have a go. He was v. kind and let me. Most satisfying.

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Francis said...

Dear Joanna
Having just come in from sweeping, brushing and picking up leaves, the thought of you swooping up leaves with your machine is like Manna from Heaven! I am sure you would like something to suck up all the appalling litter that you so nobly pick up on your wonderful walks, So sad I missed the 'Guy Fawkes and others' walk as I learn so much from you. Still the prospect of reading your blog always fills me with pleasure. So lovely to have someone with such a wonderfully clear Catholic morality that counters so much in the modern world. Hope we will see you ib Guildford some time.