Saturday, November 25, 2017


...and lecturing on this subject at Maryvale is a most satisfying and challenging task. Those taking the BA Divinity are an excellent group, and include a couple of men ordained as deacons... We looked at some of the notable apologists of the last century (Chesterton, Knox,  Belloc, CS Lewis, Frank Sheed) and at some who are proving notable in these first decades of the 21st, especially Scott Hahn, James Akin...).

We also looked at some of the main questions thrown at Catholic speakers today: science and faith, evolution, plus "Why does your Church hate gays?" (it doesn't) etc.

On science and the Church, I have been enjoying compiling a list of scientists who were also priests, and then found there is lots on Wilkipedia on the subject. Also a large number of Catholic laymen.  My list includes Niels Steensen, Georges Lemaitre, Grigor Mendel, Alois Alzheimer, Louis Pasteur and Jerome Lejune....but there are lots, lots more: those are just some that particularly interest me.   I had the privilege of knowing Prof Lejeune, a man of great wisdom, who was among much else a model of Christian courtesy and chivalry who honoured the ideas and contributions of others in conversation, and was always kindly and generous...a witness as well as a teacher of Catholic values.

A busy day - three lectures plus discussions etc. Well worth all the work and preparation.

I love Maryvale.


vetusta ecclesia said...

Don't forget Teillhard de Chardin, a great priest scientist even if with some suspect views. Nor the existence of the Vatican Observatory with its specialist staff.

Pelerin said...

What a privilege for you to have known Prof Lejeune. A wonderful man but so little known of in Britain. However I don't think he was ever a Priest. According to Wikipedia he was married with several children.

Joanna Bogle said...

Dear PeLerin - You are quite right, and I have corrected it. Indeed, members of his family have written about him with great affection, and his witness to Christian family life was another gift he gave to the Church and to the world. Thank you for your Comment.