Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Catholic Union...

of Great Britain ...has been working to help support and encourage Catholics in public life in Britain for  somegthing like 150 years. The Annual Meeting began with Mass in Westminster Cathedral and then a gathering in nearby Vaughan House. The President, Lord Brennan, gave his retiring speech - he is handing over to Sir Edward Leigh MP. Lord Brennan has been an excellent President, and Sir Edward's strong and lively address gave us all a sense of confidence in the future. There is certainly plenty to do...the meeting was well-attended, the spirit good, but....oh my goodness there are grave issues facing us all and the mood when we tackled these was serious. Deliberate killing of the gravely ill. Imposition of a secularist agenda on all schools. Pressure on Christian doictors and nurses to accept gross and unethical procedures.

Lively talk over drinks and sandwiches...plans for 2015, no sense of abandoning hope or shrugging off the future as beyond our care.

The chairman is Councillor Robert Rigby, of Westminster City Council. Auntie is on the Education and Outreach Working Party. Among many other activities, there is a public lecture sponsored by the Catholic Union on Dec 4th, 6.30pm  at the University of Notre Dame, Suffolk Street, just off Trafalgar Square. Topic is Catholic education. Worth attending.

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