Saturday, November 08, 2014

Auntie is declaring war on...

uwwa zyke.

As in "So, I was at uni and uwwa zyke 'where's the party?' and then uwwa zyke 'yay, it's cool' and uwwa zyke..."

Or:  "So I got this job and uwwa zyke ' yay, it's OK' but then uwwa zyke late and uwwa zyke  dunno what to do..."

Another version is ahmlyke, as in:

"Ahmlyke buying some, like, boots and ahmlyke, yay, wicked, but ahmlyke, they're, like, wild, and ahmlyke,  will they, like, fit? And  ahmlike, whatever..."

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Savonarola said...

Slang is surely fairly harmless. Would you consider waging war on the use of grow as a transitive verb, as in 'to grow the economy'? or, for that matter, merit as an intransitive verb, as in 'we may merit to be coheirs to eternal life'? This solecism is common in the new pseudo-English version of the Mass we are saddled with. In fact it makes far too much of the notion of merit, despite the fact that in relation to God we deserve nothing.