Monday, November 17, 2014

"Domine, salvam fac..."

...the traditional  prayer for the Queen, sung at the end of Mass. The subject came up on this Blog recently (see below, a few days back) and by coincidence -  Providence - I went to Mass on Sunday at a church I don't usually attend, and it was sung, and beautifully. It is sung there every Sunday at 11 am Mass.

Interestingly, almost eveything is sung at this Mass, including the Confiteor, and it works well. I used to attend this Mass regularly, and always loved it - the choir is now even better  and the congregation has perhaps also grown, although it was always large.

There was a cake sale after each Mass - the young people running it greeted Auntie, having met me at FAITH events - and I bought some to enjoy on a slightly complicated series of travels through the rest of the day...travelling via various errands to end up at Hatfield where I was giving a talk to the Cathoc of the University of Hertfordshire Cathsoc.  This was a joy: good numbers, a great atmosphere, reverent prayer, lively conversation.  They have a busy programme  and a number will be going to the FAITH Movement winter session at Stonyhurst...

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