Thursday, November 20, 2014

At the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival....

...the winners of the special St John Paul II/St John XXIII   Project will be announced.  This is an essay project, a new venture for the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival. Pupils at Catholic secondary schools in the diocese of Westminster were invited to write essays about one or both of these great Popes, focusing on the question "What is a Pope?" and showing evidence of understanding the role and purpose of the papacy.

We have two winners, a boy and a girl, and each will recieve a £50 cash prize and a beautiful Missal. There are runners-up who will also receive Missals (for those of special merit) or other book prizes.

There were some good entries - choosing winners was not easy.

I am encouraged by the work produced in some of our Catholic secondary schools.

A sample: one entrant wrote:

"Jesus Christ appointed Simon Peter the first Pope, 'You are gthe rock and on this rock, I shall build my Church.' This means that the Pope is the Supreme Pastor which means he represents Christ's love and concern for every living being. All Popes are successors and descendants of Peter, although they are not blood descendants, they carry on Peter's work of spreading the good news across the globe."

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