Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Vatican II...

...and a discussion group at the home of a lovely, lively London Catholic family. An excellent presentation on Dei Verbum. A delicious supper (platefuls of Polish bigos with creamy mashed potato. Wine. Choc cake). Much talk: thoughtful,challenging, analytical, positive. A strong sense of a desire to seek Christ. A chorus of young voices in prayer. A busy priest (hospital chaplain, tough job) who had joined us for the evening. A senser of a Church alive and missionary. The Year of Faith.

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Jackie Leach Scully said...

Dear Joanna

I'm writing as the leader of a study, based in Newcastle and Durham universities but ranging nationally, of the role that religion plays in people of faith's thinking about new biomedical technologies -- specifically, fertility treatments and testing for familial diseases. Obviously, some of these raise very profound questions for some faiths. We are interested in 'grassroots' thinking rather than the official position of a church. Raised Catholic myself, I'm keen to involve as wide a spread of Catholic participants as possible. I'm wondering if it would be possible to spread the word a little through your blog, or indeed through any contacts you might have. More than happy to discuss this further via email: my address is