Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back in business...

...with my mobile. Same number. Family and friends please note. ALL IS WELL.

Went to a mobile-phone shop. Felt bleak. Lots of screens and gadgets. Lots of giant plasma TV screens to dominate the home.   Lots and lots of smaller plasma screens to dominate the car,  the office, the bus, the Tube, the train, the school, the park, the street,  the doctor's waiting-room, etc. Laptops and must-have handy-sized carry-around-with-you-at-all-times things so that you are never, ever, free from emails and Skype and Facebook and texting and tweeting. Cute unreal computer-generated figures  in a children's soap-opera on giant screens mesmerising small customers. Stacks of gadgets on shiny shelves mesmerising older customers.

Stared at display of mobile phones. Some modestly priced. Talked to helpful young assistant.  Human voice - sudden real communication: Auntie explained that she wanted something useful and simple, to make and recieve calls, take photos as required...showed shattered remnants of previous.

He removed the SIM card from my old phone, and talked about an Upgrade, explained that, mirabile dictu, I could keep the same number. We got chatting "You're Polish?" Yes, he was, and I told him I'd written a book about Bl. JPII. "A great man" he said "All Poles love him. But now is history. Not so many young Poles now go to church.  Now we think next Pope will be last one and then the end of the world."

Oh dear. Anyway I got my shiny new 'phone and he wrapped up the old one in a box with the new charger and instructions and things and I paid with plastic and left the shop. Odd times, these.

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