Friday, November 23, 2012

Government panic... never edifying. The Cameron team is looking particularly silly at the moment. All running around in circles, unable to cope with the economic woes, ghastly situation for our army in Afghanistan, a growing sense that people know that things are going badly, they suddenly shrieked that they'll be rushing through a law to force same-sex marriage on the nation.  Uh? What? You can almost smell the oh-gosh-whatever-shall-we-do? about this. The polls are showing that people re abandoning the Tories in large numbers - the worst worry was the realisation there weren't going to be adequate numbers at the Party Conference and there had to be a phone-round to try to drum up some's all looking very, very bad for the next election. Why the attempted rush to redefine marriage? I'm guessing that it's money. A couple of Very Big Donors are insisting on this crazy policy, and the thinking is that the money is desperately needed for the election...

Won't work. Chuck, it Cameron, and get on with the job for which you were elected.  You can't win an election if your policies are the same as those of the Opposition: same-sex  marriage comes massively into that category.

 Read here for more on this.

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TruthSeeker2 said...

I do not think David Cameron (a.k.a Mr. Slippery) will abandon it. In my opinion, as a Anglofile Monarchist Catholic from across the pond, there is an exhibit for the intrinsic weakness of democracy.