Monday, November 19, 2012

A look at London...

...get a flavour of things as Advent approaches  here...

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ORA PRO NOBIS has left a new comment on your post "A look at London...":

You are absolutely right Joanna,

This country does need the New Evangelisation desperately. The best example I have found in this country is Youth2000. Here (as you probably know) the best of both old and new Catholicism is brought together and it seems to be producing solid vocations.

It is the only place in Britain where I have seen long queues for confession. Long may their work continue.

However, the real reason I have commented is that what I am always struck by is the way the older people who attend Youth2000 (to bring the teenagers) are also often profoundly affected.

There seems to be an aspect of Youth2000 that has a strong youth-adult cross over. I am convinced that there is a need for an organisation that uses similar techniques as Youth2000, but is specifically for adults. Forinstance, many adults are also profoundly affected by adoration at the burning bush.

The best aspects of the new evangelisation (where ever they are found) need to be rolled out across England because fire and brimstone is not going to work anymore. There is an imperative need to bring people (and long term Catholics) closer to Christ by fostering a relationship with Christ. This seems to be the area in which the new evangelisation seems to be working.